Meta mask issue

Hi everyone,
I am having such a stressfull time understanding MetaMask. My issue is every-time I try to connect my MetaMask wallet to a DEX aggregator it says “MetaMask is not on the main network” or “MetaMask can not be detected”. I made sure to switch off Brave shield and I even tried it on google chrome, but I am getting the same issue. Additionally, when the MetaMask does connect the DEX aggreator site says “wrong network” and the address is different from mine, but I made sure I was on the “Main Eth Network”.

I am seriously confused why there is a such an issue, any input will be greatly appreciated.


I used DEX aggregator with a hardware wallet just fine. I haven’t tried metamask but I assume it would have to be easier than with the hardware wallet. Make sure when you connect the wallet that you accept a request that may come up in the metamask itself. I have previously used metamask to connect to several websites without any problem. From what I can tell you are doing everything right. Your tried a different browser and you made sure you are on the main network. Maybe their interface is currently having an issue. Its weird you are having so much problems connecting a wallet.


Thank you for your feedback, I appreciate it. I restored my brave browser to its default setting and reenabled the extension, doing so fixed the issue I was facing.

Wow… So long have passed from this comment. I am sorry for re-opening the topic xD,
I had the same issue. For me it was that somehow my Brave crypto wallet was connecting before my Metamask. I was very confused but then I noticed when I was logging in to Brave crypto wallet that those addresses were being shown there on Dex. Maby someone else will have this issue, so for this reason I am writing my experience. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hello everyone, Ive been using brave as my go to browser and I restored my seed phrase on it, However, I was attemping to delete the wallet from the browser (Someday I might sell this laptop and wouldnt like anyone to get on brave and be able to have an attempt at guessing my password) Would anyone have any insights on how to possible remove an existing wallet from Brave?

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Hey @PuHcheKo, once you uninstall your Brave, all of the settings will be removed… So no one will be able to use your wallet, they will just like you have to enable and download first the option to use Brave wallet and then will be asked to either create one, either import one… Your data will be removed once you uninstall Brave browser in your control panel options. Hope this answers your question!

Yes. this definitely did it for me. Wow, i cant believe this is the only way. Brave def needs to fix this !

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Hi looking for help re metamask balance.
Etherescan shows I have received ETH intto my wallet but it doesn’t show up in the balance.
Searched for a solution but they don’t help. I’ve tried switching from mainnet to a testnet and back - no fix. I’m certain I sent it as an ERC20 transaction and the gas fee stung. Anyone able to assist?
I’m using Metamask extension in Chrome.Metamask ETH bal zero

I have recovered my ETH using MEW CX wallet. I was unable to get Metamask to recover my A/C using seed phrase on both Brave and Chrome after resetting the wallet,