Melalie ($MEL) - Thoughts? Hidden Gem?

Hi All,

I stompled upon a project which has a real life use case and I think is worth looking into. The project is called Melalie. It is a peer-to-peer mobility marketplace where people can rent vehicles from each other, whitout the need for intermediaries. They just recently launced the $MEL token on Uniswap, which is a revenue share token. So it can be used to stake, do payments and is used for managing the DAO behind the platform.

The platform is already complete, tested, live and already has listed many local vendors. They have build on the Cosmos Blockchain and are currently in testnet stage. They expect to release their mainnet in Q3 2021. They also aim to release a custom DeFi tool in Q4 which will make it possible to support local entrepreneurs by lending $MEL tokens and make a profit bij receiving rewards in $MEL for each booking.

Happy to hear your toughts! (Reader note)