Matic Network - What does the future hold?

Matic Network has plenty of room to grow to be an incredible solution for scaling and interoperability. MATIC is up more than 60% in the last 7 days and I wanted to start a topic on this as it is definitely one of the blockchain projects I’m passionate about.

As a scaling solution, this should bring the full potential of DeFi as well as interoperability between blockchains and dApps. Here are a few reasons why I’m excited about it:

  • :small_orange_diamond: The Ethereum fees have skyrocketed recently and this may have harmed some DeFi Market players. For instance, Aavegotchi (DeFi NFT project) postponed its mainnet launch due to the crazy fees and it is most likely to migrate to Matic Network. Why? Matic “satisfies” the need for Ethereum scaling technology by providing a solution that is reliable as well as fast and efficient in response to the costly gas fees and slow block confirmations. I don’t know if “satisfies” is the right word here but it definitely simplifies the interaction of users and decentralized apps.

  • :small_orange_diamond: Also, Chainlink Oracle is now available to developers on Matic Network. Chainlink recently released an article on how developers can make use of Chainlink oracles in their Matic DeFi application.

  • :small_orange_diamond: Decentraland, a virtual reality platform and a partner of Matic, mentioned Matic Network has high potential to power low cost and high throughput exchange of their virtual assets. Has anyone started playing in Decentraland by the way? I joined yesterday and it looks pretty cool, I’m excited to see it grow.

The team also plans to add many more network features. Matic is looking quite attractive and I’m optimistic about the long-term value. It is one of my current favorites in my portfolio and definitely wanted to talk about it. Do you all have any thoughts or price predictions?