Margin and Leverage Trading

I’m wondering what exchanges ppl are using for margin trading? I have accounts with binance and bybit and others. I’m inclined to want to use binance because i use it for most everything else. However i hear Ivan and others on youtube recommending bybit…why? is it better?

Also, i’m new to this and i realize there is huge risk with margin trading which is why i’ve joined the academy but i don’t see any courses on margin trading in the academy. Does anyone know the best way to learn the ropes in margin on binance or bybit?


HI there, I use Phemex which has a good program and some nice coins. they have bonuses as well for various amounts of coin that you put in your account. So you could get some funds to start without using any of your original amount! Good luck to you!

I use Binance too. I have traded margin too in the past but lose money. I’m going back to margin trading again. But I’m determined to use a different approach.
Do you have the BSI Indicator? Sold by Ivan too? if you don’t try to lay hands on it.
Im planning to buy by next week. Then always wait to buy the break-out. even when you have a signal give it some time to make sure its not a fake out.
Then use only between 5 to 10x margin rate. I plan to stick with 5x after watching some youtube vidoes on margin trade.
Best wishes
Emmanuel Ebiuwhe

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Ya bought BSI and i also bought market cipher…i decided to margin trade on bybit and have my first open trade going now on ETH. Fingers crossed. I’m at 5x, i was going to only go 3x by i talked myself into 5x lol.

Hi! How is your experience with Market Cipher?

I use bybit and I really like it. Easy to use interface, based on TradingView, and perfect for a simple trader like myself. Basic patterns, break-outs, with a decent to abnormal amount of leverage and no fear of rekt city? Go for it.
However, If you’re looking for some moonshot trading then it’s not for you. You can only trade bigger pairs.

Good day everyone, i’m relatively new to Crypto Programming and Trading with 5 months worth of research work. I haven’t started trading yet because based on my research on Binance Futures Trading platform, it is not humanly possible to run a 24/7 trade. I have looked into some Crypto AutoBots I can use to run my trade, but I have issues with a lot of their securities. I’m currently in the process of looking into designing and developing my own bespoke Crypto AutoBot, but my issue is that my knowledge of Margin or Leverage Trading is minimal, so I can’t train the bot to run this type of trade. I look forward to the time that Margin and Leverage Trading courses are offered in the Academy.

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What is the best platform to leverage trade in the US? Without KYC?