Mar IDO Launchpad Projects

Surprised to see that the ICO section is so quiet, even with so many new launches. Let’s revive this section!

*Disclaimer - DYOR, following projects are new. Do not FOMO, and none of these are financial advice!

Before we talk about the upcoming projects launching in March, we need to look at some of the Launchpad that took off recently that does IDO launches in their own way. These are some, but not all of the launchpad projects. Most of these launchpad token requires you to hold their native token to participate in its whitelisting process and IDOs.

$POLS (Polkastarter):
Price - $4.5
Circulating Supply - 59,480,000
Marketcap - ~ $272m

$PAID (Paid Network):
Price - $3
Circulating Supply - 39,459,619
Marketcap - ~ $120m

$DDIM (DuckDao/Duckstarter):
Price - $98
Circulating Supply - 1,033,719
Marketcap - ~ $100m

$SWAP (Trustswap):
Price - $4.5
Circulating Supply - 64,671,249
Marketcap - ~ $288m

$POOLZ (Poolz Finance):
Price - $26.4
Circulating Supply - 1,114,813
Marketcap - ~ $30m

Listing on Polkastarter:

  1. $BLANK (Blank Wallet) - A Private, Non-Custodial Ethereum Wallet
  2. $ERN (Ethernity Chain) - A Digital Platform Producing Authenticated NFTs
  3. $CGG (ChainGuardians) - Gaming Ecosystem, with NFT Mining
  4. $BCUG (Blockchain Cuties) - Multi-Blockchain Collectible Game
  5. $KONO (Konomi Network) - Decentralised Money Market Protocol on Polkadot
  6. $ODDZ (Oddz Finance) - Multi-Chain Options Trading Platform

Listing on Paid Network:

  1. $SHOPX ( Core Foundation) - The eNFT Infrastructure For E-comm & Finance Markets
  2. $PKF (PolkaFoundry) - One-stop Hub for DeFi Dapps on Polkadot
  3. $AIOZ (AIOZ Network) - Layer 1 Blockchain-Based Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Listing on Duckstarter:

  1. $AAPX (AMPnet) - Asset Platform and eXchange
  2. $PKF (PolkaFoundry) - One-stop Hub for DeFi Dapps on Polkadot
  3. $LABS (LABS Group) - Real Estate Investment Ecosystem in DeFi
  4. $TANGO (keyTango) - “Robinhood” for DeFi
  5. $L3P ( - Gamified DeFi, Liquidity Pool & Prediction Platform
  6. $CATE (CashTech) - All-in-one DeFi Platform

Listing on Trustswap:

  1. BITCASHPAY $BCP - An all-in-one multi-platform DeFi project

Listing on Poolz Finance:

  1. $HAPI (HAPI) - Onchain Cybersecurity Protocol for DeFi
  2. $LABS (LABS Group) - Real Estate Investment Ecosystem in DeFi
  3. $PCNT (Playcent) - Decentralized Wix for dapps, games, NFTs and Social tokens

All stated tokens will also be available on Uniswap after IDO launch. Do correct me if there are any wrong information!

This is purely just for sharing, and to give you guys an idea of what are the upcoming projects. What are your thoughts? What projects will you be looking into? Which narratives will fire up DeFi 2.0 and bring value to the crypto ecosystem? Comment below what coins launching that are not listed above.


Great looking post! Very interesting seeing all current IDO’s in one place.

Whitelisted for Ethernity and have applied for the other pols IDO’s. Really like the look of $ERN $CGG and $ODDZ but not looked too deeply into the other launches as I only qualify for Polkastarter pools currently.

Staking yfdai also with the prospects of their launchpad and excellent interest rate on staking also.

Would like to get involved in the other launchpads listed, but unsure as to which pose the best r/r ratio given many now require $10,000+ for guaranteed/exclusive pools. $PAID seems be the most attractive after $POLS but again super expensive to enter now

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