Making ERC1155 Items Affect the Game Discussion

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When I make changes in ETH.js, my browser doesn’t implement those changes immediately.
Is there a way to reload? Because It doesn’t update eth.js changes when I just reload the page.(F5)
It’s probably in some cach memory or something.

You answered my question later in that video :see_no_evil:
Sorry :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Got so far, added @ivan new code and nothing works now… :frowning:

I compared my accumulated code to the Finished Code at the end of the tutorial and the problem pretty much was the layout of my functions. I COPY&PASTED a few of the newly edited sections and refreshed my local host and it worked like a charm!
I would still recommend redoing this wonderful series with updated everything.
Thanks you guys!


one question about the game

what is the utility of Time warp cape?
What is GAME_SECONDS for?

   var PLAYER_SPEED = 300;
   //Time warp cape
   var GAME_SECONDS = 1000;

Hello @patgeek,

In effect, slows down the game timer (adds or subtracts delay between updating the timer). Thus, you could play longer to get more coins.

With kind regards