ICO. Looks interesting


I would just like to suggest you to take a look at the ICO Lukso. It seems very interesting and is part of the defi space. They call it the Ethereum sister network and is its creator were part of the ERC-20 and ERC-725 project.

I have just bumped into it doing my random clicking and seems very different and wanted to get the community view on this


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This project looks pretty amazing. Here’s a video I found which summarizes everything.


This does seem very interesting - both the novel model of ICO (reversible to mitigate investor risk) and the problems associated with the creative digital economy it’s trying to solve. Add on top of that the team behind it which includes big players in both the crypto and corporate worlds, potentially acting as a bidirectional bridge of perceived legitimacy between those two worlds.

I also think there are some other macro trends that can amplify it:

-Global inequality is accelerating and the early adopters of this tech will mostly be high expense fashion and lifestyle companies catering to the rich who would love cryptographic proof that their status symbols aren’t lowly counterfeits.

-Gaming, which is a massive industry with no end of growth in sight is tending towards business models that rely on selling tokenized digital goods. This could provide a decentralized storage and transfer mechanism of such goods, as well as open them up beyond a single developer’s ecosystem with interoperability solutions like Polkadot.

-As videographic evidence of identity and authority become eroded as a result of deepfake/VR technology, a more robust and dependable way to connect creatives/thinkers together with their audiences will be necessary to prevent “digital identity thefts”. This project can help assure the creator is legit and who they say they are.

-Mediates the connection/ownership/transfer of both physical and digital goods, as the line between our physical and digital world becomes ever blurrier.