Lowest Fees for USD Off-Ramp?

What do you think is the exchange(s) with the lowest fees for off-ramping crypto to USD and withdrawing them for personal use (ex. to a bank account)? Also interested to hear how secure & reputable is the exchange.

Well, it largely depends on where you live. Since you mention USD, I would assume you are from the US and if you use a non-US exchange, you would have to account for the SWIFT fees. Only Gemini exchange comes to my mind as a reliable and regulated US exchange, so you can check the fees there. Also, some of the exchanges may charge their withdrawal fees. You can check some peer to peer exchanges, as Localbitcoin, for example, where you can find a better deal.

I was researching some exchanges and services that allow exchanging BTC for EUR since I am from Europe. It is practically impossible to find a service with perfect conditions (once Cercle used to be like that, no fees and direct deposit to your bank account) - exchanges and various services either charge withdrawal fees, either have high spreads, either have trading fees or it is your bank which charges a fee for a SEPA (SWIFT equivalent in Europe) transfer :slight_smile:

A potential solution that I have found is crypto banking where you essentially get a debit card and can either directly pay with crypto from the card or can instantly exchange crypto to fiat and pay (I am writing an article on this topic and will be happy to share once it is done). Some services, as Bitwalla, for instance, also give you a real bank account which you can use a normal bank account in the European bank. Again, these services come with fees. However, the advantage is that those fees can be offset with the crypto market growth but you would also have to keep most of your money in crypto…


I think that the Singapore base exchange coss.io made some solide announcement on that field. Should check it out :slight_smile:

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Did you manage to complete the article you were writing? I’m trying to decide if I should get an account with one of these banks, but not sure if it’s a good move.

I actually did back in September… I have not updated it tho. Bitwala now have ETH too