Loops in C++, Lesson 16, C++ Basics

Hey guys, I follow Ivan through the video and I feel I have a pretty good understanding of loops in general. Here is the code reprinted exactly from the video and I wanted to see if anyone could find the error. The code is supposed to print the total amount of miles of all three cars and yet it prints a new line after adding one at a time with the new total each time the loops iterates.

Here is what I have… (note: you can see I attempted Ivan’s tip on printing for every counter to track each iteration but that did not help my cause)

int main()
int numberOfCars = 3;
int carMiles [] = {15, 13, 15};

// total number of miles for all cars
//notice*** accessing carMiles[counter] = carMiles[0] aka first in the array
int totalMiles =  0;
for(int counter = 0; counter < numberOfCars; counter++){
    cout<<"counter is now "<<counter<<endl;
    totalMiles += carMiles[counter];
    cout << "Total miles of all cars is "<<totalMiles<<endl;

Thank you!

Where exactly does the new line print that you don’t want it? You could remove the endl command if you don’t want to print new lines.

You would want to pull the ‘cout’ to be after the loop is finished.
I hope this makes more sense… I just did pseudo code so you need to atleast apply it to the code.

for count = 0 to numberOfCars {
// … does your counting …
totalMiles += carMiles[counter] // Adds the previous value + new value
} // the end of the loop counter
// Print the total
count << "total: " << totalMiles << endl;


Ahh I see, I didn’t understood the question correctly. :slight_smile:

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thank you!! this helps clarify for me what I was doing wrong

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Heh, thank you! I realize I could have been more clear.