Looking for study a partner

Hi All,

I have completed Etherium smart contract 101 & now will be going to start "Etherium smart contract 201 " !!
I am looking for a group or individual so that we can solve each other’s doubts.

If interested we can create a group in google meet or another channel & start learning.

Happy Learning !!
Gaurav from India

im keen to join the group! but im just starting, i just bought the course.

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I’m willing to join this group as well @Gaurav_Sahoo

I am willing to join this group as well! maybe we could have a discord group?
@Gaurav_Sahoo @josejalapeno @jtb

@Gaurav_Sahoo @josejalapeno @jtb @angrysoulship

Hi! Did you end up organizing some kind of a study group? Here is my discord handle, feel free to DM me sbelka1703 | sbelka.eth#3367