Looking for a study partner

Hi, I am looking for a study partner. I am new to coding.
The idea is work together through the courses.
Maybe once course each week, maybe more.
We could then discuss each course per (video) chat (zoom, meet).
If you are interested, let me know.


I just started. How far along are you?

Hi Digiag.

Didnt do much in the Academy until now.
But I know the basics of Crypto since I am invested in the space since 2017.
Now I want to build, create.

Also I did HTML many years ago.
I know I am much more engaged when I do it with a a partner with whom I can exchange topics/contents etc.

Would you be interested?

Yes, Yes i would! It will only benefit our endeavor

I would like to communicate with newbies like me . I barely finished my first homework about Provenance … and now trying to get used with the content of the site, forum . Huge volume of information , i like it . My study plan is programming , first course is Blockchain&Bitcoin . Can you share what’s your Study Plan ?

How can we get in touch?

I am interested more of how we can practice what we learned in mini-projects or even pursue internships to grow our knowledge. If anyone has a idea or pointers, please let me know.

rn I am studying JS.
But I am flexible and would be willing to work through the Bitcoin& Blockchain course and other courses.

Did you started to study with someone ? I am on bitcoin course …but it’s starting to be more and more difficult to keep up , to understand . How is it for you ?

Hi Adrian,
yes, I am studying with Postal.
Which topic/chapter of the BTC course do you find dififcult to keep up?

I have a weird schedule with the way I work but I would love to have someone to bounce information off of to get a better understanding. My goal it to be a developer / creator in the crypto space once i have gained enough knowledge. Good luck to everyone :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation:

bro, I aspire to be a programmer for the blockchain and i have the worst schedule ever along with side businesses that need to stay afloat. On top of that I have never written a line of code in my life. I’m working on getting there with baby steps but they are all in the direction of my goals. There is no worthy excuse that would justify giving up. You can do it, I can do it,…

I am in US. I would love to be able to do a weekly zoom call with a study partner on the programming side. Currently completing a course on DApps at a university.

Study Goal: Blockchain Developer
My goal in the coming 2 weeks on Ivan’s dash board are:

  1. Ethereum 101
  2. React
  3. Ethereum 102
  4. DApp
  5. SQL Refresher (For Moralis) (this will be outside of Ivan’s courses. I don’t see SQL on his dashboard.
  6. I will probably look at lightning network or game dev, EOS, and other eco systems like Cardano.

My learning is slowed by one primary area: functions as arguments to other functions I tend to get confused and not many tutorials on the web really cover how to understand the logic. I use console.trace to help solve this confusion in javascript.

Gosh, Wish I had a friend like you. Id grab into your coat tails and learn all i can. My goal is to be a blockchain programmer /developer as well but I’m lightyears behind you. I never codes a single thing until I came to this academy.
But i do know this… The people seriously involved with this academy will guide you through understanding without question. You got this!!!

Hey Deel and Everyone!

I’m interested in studying and discussing programming. I got some experience in html, css, and javascript. So the introductory courses were a review.

Please reach out to me so I can join in on the conversation. My email: [email protected]. Getting ready to dive into solidity. Just FYI, if you want more info on html, css, and javascript, I suggest looking into freecodecamp.org or the Odin Project. Both are free resources.

I always like reviewing so I can solidify what I learned. I usually take different classes on the same subject I learn something new that I missed the first time around.