Login issue with Enjin Coin website depending on browser


I have been experiencing issues lately with the Enjin Coin website, quite a struggle. And found out that the solution here resides in the “appropriate” browser choice.
What happens is that I could not reset my password.

I am running Ubuntu Linux 18.04.
By default, I use Firefox for browsing the web. The reset password e-mail is just not sent in this situation using the dedicated form.
Switching to Chromium, I actually get the e-mail and reach the “new password” form. Anyway, I am still not able to log myself back in even once the new password is saved. The login form still gives an error message about wrong password.
Then, I installed Google Chrome and repeated the procedure; here, everything worked, I could log into my account.

Thus, if you have trouble logging into your Enjin account : switch to Google Chrome to do it.

IMHO the issue is more and more common these days; I see more websites having slight bugs when used in a different browser than Google Chrome. I hope the trend will stop at some point.