LimiSwap: My Chainlink Hackathon project!

It has been months since I posted…

But today, I would like to share my project that I submitted for the Chainlink hackathon.
It is called LimiSwap and it is a decentralized limit order exchange for Uniswap powered by Chainlink Keepers. Users can create limit orders for any token at any price.

The frontend is remastered version of Uniswap-like decentralized exchange that I made back in June. It is written using latest tech stack such as React, NextJS, and Typescript.

I also made an interface where users can view and cancel pending orders. This part is powered by Moralis. It listens and logs events from the LimiSwap contract and provide user’s orders data to the frontend.

If you find this interesting, click one of the links below to learn more!
demo video:

Thank you for reading, and I hope this inspired you!


WOW maaan! this looks incredible!

Congratulations on achieving this amazing project! I do hope you win this!

Would be great to use it on the main net :nerd_face:

Carlos Z

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Your work are truly amazing! Can you please tell us which course you follow?