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  1. Why do we need libraries?
  1. We need them because they enable us to reuse and build upon code that has already been built.

Short Answer:
For reuse of code.

Long Answer:
A good library consists of accurate, readable and reusable snippets of codes, usually functions and objects. When a programmer wants to build something, s/he needs to know the context and all the areas into which the working of his/her application is based on. Building everything from the scratch takes much time and effort. Having a library which can cater to the need of the programmer can save us from reinventing the wheel.

In some programming languages even the basic program of console outputs require us to import/use libraries so that we can concentrate on the work that we are doing instead of focusing on the working of how inputs and outputs are handled by the machine.

Libraries provide a certain level of abstraction which enables the programmer to work exactly on what is required by using the resources which have already been built.(As said by Franky)


To reuse code and to not re-invent the wheel. To save time.


We need libraries to keep all of our code in one place, having readability, portability, and reusability.


Remember chapter 3 exercises that called for you to rebuild the math.min function. Would you like to recreate those functions every time? What about all the transformations and equations found in calculus and physics. If someone already ported them into JavaScript, as a society do we want to spend time and decrease our collective efficiency. Libraries provide the ability for peer reviews, reliable backups, and proliferation of code.

We need to keep moving forward. Let the momentum from the past push our steps into the future.

  1. We don’t need to reinvent the wheel, reusing code is just simpler.

1. Why do we need libraries?
We need libraries to save ourselves from writing code to perform a task that somebody else has already done.


1. Libraries can be used to save a lot of time by reusing existing code for common tasks. Another advantage is that the code of libraries is audited a lot which lowers the risk of having security flaws and bugs. This is especially important when it comes to smart contracts becasue the code will be immutable once it is on the blockchain and bugs can be abused to steal money.

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When we want to use a code that another developer has already done, we can refer to this code directly in our program without typing all the code.

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We need libraries for abstracting our code from functionalities which are already done

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To reuse the code, and not have to redo all your work from scratch


Why do we need libraries?
- Libraries allow us to build on top of other’s work. We can re-use their functions and code to help us develop more effectively.


Libraries helps us reuse code, standardize development conventions, standardize styles, implement solutions from a third party vendor, enabled features that you normally wouldn’t have and eventually speeds up the process of development.

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reuse (code) functionality written by other developers

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Because of the advantages they provide:

  • Not reinvent the wheel
  • Save time
  • Ease of use
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Libraries are there to help us build applications faster by providing tools. Imagine if you are constructing a house. You don’t have any tools and instead of going to the appliance store to pick up tools that were built by others, you decided to build your own tools such as a hammer, tap measure, circular saw, ect, completely from scratch! It’s an extreme comparison but it drives home the point.

  1. By using library We can save a lot of time. Sometimes functions are ready and it is no sense to build every function from the begging. We can work much faster with than without libraries. We can concentrate on the purpose of our job than on solving basic problems

Why do we need libraries? Because its complements your app, for example jquery or bootstrap complement our web app to look and work better

As programmers, we should re-use existing code when we can, so that we don’t waste our time writing code that another programmer has already written. In JavaScript, the way we do that is by using a library. A library is a JavaScript file that contains a bunch of functions, and those functions accomplish some useful task for our webpage.

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