Let's Pump THE MEMES

Alright guys I think it is about damn time we get the Toshi Times popping with the hottest and freshest crypto memes or otherwise that the world has ever seen!

I truly believe that part of the pathway to mass adoption is to get crypto memes and terminology into the public eye via the medium of memes, gifs, and any other sort of viral technology.

I want this to become a factory for the most innovative and original content the likes of which Reddit, Ifunny, Instagram, Twitter or where ever else you see funny things posted are currently getting. High quality, sophisticated, and somewhat intellectually alluring “viral” internet images are an incredibly powerful tool for spreading ideas around the world, completely for free.

Bitcoin was born on the web, it has itself been developed and even bred into Crypto on the web, and it will most certainly have pathways towards mass adoption and main stream understanding by utilizing other parts of our culture that are also born and bred on the web.

Getting people to understand our community, at least enough to understand simple funny images and the like, will help see education occur throughout the world.

The current generation that Bitcoin and Crypto are most suited for are millennials. Such as myself, Ivan, Filip, and I am sure many of you also! We all also have many peers that we interact with on a daily timescale. They don’t understand the economical importance behind why they should be DCAing into Bitcoin, but we can’t have those important conversations with them until they are interested in it already, at least at some level.

The amount of marketing and educating that can be done for free is almost staggering when it comes to simply creating and sourcing potentially viral images. When it comes to marketing, everything is a potential numbers game until you have a bankroll to apply targeted marketing algorithms and paid advertising.

The beauty of Bitcoin however, is that it is an idea. All it requires to take hold in our civilization is for people to think about it.

Now, get out there and, SHOW ME WHAT YOU’VE GOT!!!

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This is some hot OC from my homie #TheDoc


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A few months old but still funny :joy: