Let's build web3 TOGETHER!

Hello guys, Im looking for team members in Moralis, anyone wanna join forces and develop together in web3, as you’ll get real world experience you need for your job potentially. Im just exploring posibilities in web3 and wanna see how far we can go with developing for hoobby at the same time for people.
I’ve been in moralis academy since 2020 and I’ve learnt a lot and using those skills in my day to day, currently developing my own Launchpad potentially integrating AI model within Launchpads/IDO ecosystem by connecting them all together that will diversify investment across community, think of it as a shared pool of investment per each IDO that exist on EVM, Solana etc.

Currently I’m planning to support EVM chains as next phase would be Solana and Substrate blockchains that are EVM compatible

If you are enthusiastic as me about crypto and its future, lets join the forces and build something great! We always need a team of likeminded people that will create something special for this world. Currently I’m doing all this stuff alone in development, I do backend, front end with react js, smart contracts, everything! Would be nice if you have completed basics at least for JavaScript and Ethereum porgramming, react would be great too, i welcome beginners that wanna strive and learn and grow. LETS BUILD TOGETHER GUYS!!! :wink: