Ledger Nano S setup and bitcoin, ethereum wallet

I have setup my new Ledger Nano S.

Created pin, generated 24 word recovery phrase.
Installed Bitcoin and Ethereum apps on the manager.
Added Bitcoin and Ethereum accounts to Bitcoin app and Ethereum app respectively
Have not generated private and public key addresses. How to generate them?

Instructional Video from Ledger does not have it. All the other youtube videos look so different? They are downloading app from the ledgerwallet.com website. Currently, ledgerwallet.com website does not exist and it points to ledger.com . I installed the app from the manager section of Ledger Live app.

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Steps should go as follows.

1.Setup your ledger hardware. Set up a pin and backup your recovery phrase. (Looks that you have done that already.)
2. Download Ledger Live and install it on your computer. (Looks that you have done that already.)
3. Using the Ledger Live manager install both Bitcoin and ETH application. (Looks that you have done that already.)
4. Add both Bitcoin and ETH accounts to the ledger live.
5. Once you added a bitcoin account click on receive, unlock your ledger live and open a bitcoin app. Ledger Live will prompt you with a public address that you should verify by comparing it to the key that is displayed on the ledger nano s screen. If the addresses match that means you own the private key to that bitcoin address. Send funds to that address and you can then send it back with your Ledger device when you wish to.
6.Same goes with the ETH address.

Note: Ledger Live can generate multiple bitcoin addresses in a single ledger live account, so if you click receive you will see that the public address changes all the time. That is because your seed generates a series of private keys. You can always use the same one but if you use multiple it adds to your privacy. Unlike bitcoin ETH address will always be the same unless you add a new ETH account in Ledger Live. I think this has to do something with the tokens and/or smart contracts.

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I got these keys. So these are my public keys. So I cannot see my private keys at all?

Ethereum 1


Thanks for your steps. It was helpful.

you saved your 24 word seed I assume. This is your most important key, since you can generate (restore) your private key from this seed.

If you really want to read out your your private key, there are different tool available on the internet. Such as this one: https://iancoleman.io/bip39/

But I (personally) would not do it, since it’s not necessary, nor is it 100% save. If you decide to read out your private key, please ensure that you do that with a computer which is not connected to the internet.

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Thanks for the answer