Ledger Nano S Hardware Issue (Unstoppable Domains)

I always liked Ledger more than the Trezor hardware wallet, but lately it seems like they don’t plan on fixing this issue with their hardware wallet: https://github.com/LedgerHQ/ledgerjs/issues/338
The issue has been opened for 4 months now and there is still no updates from the team.
On the other hand Trezor team already addressed the issue and pushed an update.

If you guys plan to use unstoppable domains don’t use your ledger nano s for now as it won’t work. I tried to get their attention but no responses so far. Even unstoppable domains tried commenting on the github issue request but no updates so far. Any way we can reach them together? I really want them to fix this issue.

Honestly thinking about switching to Trezor. What do you guys think?