Learning Tip - Take and Keep Notes

Use split screen on your phone or two windows on your laptop / computer. Have one screen be a simple word document, such as Notepad++, and the other be the course video. Have the headings in place before starting the video. Example:
Blockchain & Bitcoin 101
The Benefits of Blockchain

Then start the video and take notes as you watch. Pause the video, even rewind, if you need to.

After the video is over, use the link to get the questions. Copy and paste them from the forum in to your notes.

Write tentative answers. Read answers others posted. Update your answers. Use complete sentences.

Now copy / paste the questions and your answers from your notes to a forum reply. (Make sure you are posting to the correct place.) Bold the questions. If the mini format bar doesn’t show, use tags < b > and < / b > (without spaces) to bold. Put time into writing full and complete answers and making your post look pretty. Proofread.

Finally, copy your clean, complete forum answer into your notes, hit reply to post your reply, and save your notes. (On a computer, use folders to stay organized.)

There are benefits to taking notes while watching the videos, putting time into a full reply, and saving your notes with questions and answers. You will learn more deeply and retain more fully. You will also have reference notes for later. Finally, the forum community will appreciate your thorough and well formatted reply. Someone might even give you a :heart:!


Taking notes is seriously a lifesaver for my study routine. I’ve found that jotting down important points not only helps me remember things but also makes it easier to understand tricky concepts.

I’ve been using this awesome online notepad called https://notesonline.com/notepad , and it’s been a game-changer. It’s super simple to use and helps me stay organized with all my notes in one place. Seriously, give it a try if you haven’t already—it’s like having your personal study assistant! Can’t recommend it enough for keeping track of everything you need to know.