Learning Asset Tokenization

Hello everyone, need help - could someone please share with me good resources or the courses here, that I may use to learn more about Asset Tokenization? Thank you in advance!

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Hey @TenTen, hope you are well.

I think you should check the Ethereum Smart Contracts Programming courses, each token is an asset with an use case, tokens are smart contracts (erc20, erc721, erc1155…).

Carlos Z

Hi Carlos

Thanks for the reply. I would like to start with the foundation and overview and then dive into the mechanics or components of the assets tokenization.

FOr example: If I would want to tokenize the land or one oz of gold, what do I need to take note of? how do I divide the land/gold? do I need to also take note of any legal aspect/jurisdiction? how to determine the price for each token? how do I structure the token and the assets? how many ways can the investor benefit from investing in the token?

I understand that there is a technical part of it in programming the token, issuing and wallet etc. My intention is to have an overview of tokenizing an asset, its components, and get the foundation right. I do not have any programming language experience, so it will be tough for me to start off with the Ethereum Smart Contracts Programming. Thanks again!

The DeFi 201 course is a good course for tokenization of assets. Half way in it gets pretty in-depth.

Thank you Stephen; I’ll take a look and I think I will begin with DeFi 101 to lay the groundwork. Hopefully, it will cover asset tokenization and allow me to have a deeper understanding of the subject.