Lazy Mint Question

I don’t know that is the right topic or not. I am wondering about Lazy minting technique like how it work and can it possible to lazy mint with other function not for the minting, for example, the transferring method. I think it is possible.

And thank you in advance for your answer and I am open to the suggestion.

Would you please share what you know about what is lazy minting and any related links?

OpeaSea using this method to mint the token so that why when we listing it is free. And buyer only pay when the artwork sold. And you can check at this link ether - What is Lazy Minting in Ethereum? - Ethereum Stack Exchange

Thanks for the link. According to the OpenZeppelin source, in Lazy Minting, the user signs a “minting authorization,” which later allows them to sell it. According to NFT School, the first buyer of the NFT would pay for actual minting in the transaction when he buys it by calling a redeem function. Sounds like a good deal for the creator!

@Pong88 Looks like you may have answered your own question :smirk:.