Latest Hottest ICO of 2018!

Latest Hottest ICOs of 2018!

I personaly invested in ArkBlocks, Lympo and TheKey so far. I am looking at GoNetwork for March.

Also what i found was this great Asian ico, Called Hotoken.
I wish i knew about the referral when i signed up!

Do your own research. I found this interviwe quite useful.

What ICOs are you guys investing in, in the comming months?

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I just invested in another ICO called Ignite Ratings.
They are doing a self-regulated cryptofund with a master index. It looks like a very interesting idea imo.
What i like too is that there is no minimum contribution limit on this one.

Same here! One of my investing themes over the next couple of months will be investment intelligence like IGMT and COFI.


Im checking out CryptoHunt. Looks pretty cool. If Pokemon Go was super popular, then this has a chance considering its similar, and has the opportunity to introduce everyone to cryptocurrency. The team is only accepting a certain amount from accredited investors, so the regular guy and girl can get in on the ICO. Also, there is a hold on coins so no pump and dumping. Check it out.

nice @sjt185, i will check them out too!

What do you think about it?

I like that they’ve been around for a couple years, I like how they are structuring the ICO to make it more fair for the everyday investor, I like how we will have a demo of the product before the ICO, and I like the augmented reality games (Pokemon Go) was my life for 6 months. I think this could be huge!

I love the Crypto hunt idea. They are erc 20. I will defiantly contribute some, they start their ico on 1st of march. Might turn out to be a cool game!

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The Telegram ICO is a big one for me this year

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Seem to me like there are not as many promising icos out now, since bitcoin took a downward trend. What i am looking to do is buy the past icos on exchanges when the price is below the ico price. Obviously only icos the i believe in :smiley:

The coins that no one is hyping, those will give the most profitable gains. The more a coin retraces the more potential upside it will have.

I read something that one should watch the hype on social media and when you get a lot of conflicting opinions buy.

What would be the rationale behind this? Especially since you mention buying based on conflicting opinions?

I would personally only get involved after reading the documents they produce (and forming an opinion based on those plans and white papers), after reviewing their Git repository and looking around at what the advocates and objectors have to say as well as trusted other sources.

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Yes, after research and you pick a few start watching Social Media and when you see a lot of conflicting views that is when you’ll see movement.

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