Kraken reliability?

I have been unable to access my account at Kraken yesterday evening and again this morning " due to heavy traffic" This seems very strange and frankly worrisome as I wanted to sell some positions

That’s crazy. I’ve never had a. Issue with them. Admittedly I only use them for those sweet 12% DOT staking apy’s. Were you able to get it resolved?

Thanks. It has been resolved, by midday , but frankly it should never happen. I have lived trough various crashes but was always able to trade online. Not very reassuring for one of the better exchanges

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Agreed, there are of course conspiracy theories abound about why but I usually think the simplest explanation is the best. These exchanges just aren’t prepared for the flood of volume they’re getting. Even Binance had to shutdown temporarily today… Crazy!

Bring on the Dex race. L2 solutions are already up and running. Soon you won’t even need these centralized exchanges. Until then, it’s risk lock out or pay huge Gas fees. If it’s any consolation, the deficiencies in infrastructue is confirmation of how early we are to this industry.

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