Keep learning in the DeFi space

Now it is time to find your own comfort zone and dive deeper into the DeFi ecosystem and explore its possibilities. Start looking for cool arbitrage opportunities or see what new DeFi building block you want to build?

Let’s keep discussing all interesting DeFi projects in the forum and let’s see how we as a whole can strengthen this new paralel financial system that we are creating.


Thanks for the course Amadeo. Other people here who are looking for the coding side of DeFi? I am namely :slight_smile: Would like to talk with others about some idea’s i have for a DeFi project, message me. Love


Thanks Amadeos for the course.
Looking forward to the second part.
Any idea when this is to be ready?
Thanks and enjoy your day!


Amazing ! Mind blowing !


Amadeo, truly enjoyed the DiFi course. There is a lot of interest in the community about the MakerDao network failure (the triggered liquidations) and what exactly happened on March 12th. How was handled and the insurance afterward. It looks like a perfect study case.


For sure we can do an other video on that and add it to the course as well


Thanks a lot for the coarse. This has definitely sparked the creative juices.


Now, im truly amaze with this course, BUT please i like the assignments, its a lot of material on MakerDAO video (1 hour if you only listen to it, can go long if you research it well), challenge students with a few questions is something i do really love about the academy, i would love to see something like that in this course has well.

Overall, Amadeo, man your just equal of amazing as Ivan and Fillip, i have been exploring the defi space over a month, with this course its just incredible how many of my doubts has been cleared, is a lot of information packed in 1 course, explained by a Defi Titan (you man, amadeo).

I promise to post in next days some ideas i had for a basic guide to Defi, because im researching my options to put my savings into Defi, tomorrow i will be arming a decent structure of my idea and let all of you know.
After i have seen last months with our traditional financial system, probably the best option we have for those who do not own millions of $, is going to be cryptos, but Defi in general is going to be the top 1 tool used. We better be ready for whats coming.


Hi, I don’t know if this is the right place to ask my question. So far I am thrilled with the course, your explanations are very very good and and new world is opening before my eyes. Now, here is my question: I understand why somebody would put his money in DeFi. Good interest rates which means profits, independency of the banking system, etc. What I don’t quite understand: who would take a loan? I understand that in order go get a loan you have to put a collateral which would be some type of crypto currency. Now, I I have the collateral, why would I ask for al loan. Not quite clear to me. Thanks for giving me some insight.


Thanks for the course Ivan and Amadeo, I will definitely have to explore more but this really helps to give a good overview of a complex process. :smiley:


This course started out “meh”, but really grew on me. As I balled it up it remained small but DENSE. I’m still slogging through the deep-dives. Here’s my notes for anyone who wants them.
There are a few broken links, but they mostly work. There’s one to your G-drive that permission is blocked, and another to a paid site, and a couple of the slides links don’t slide. I moved a few up-front into “articles” that were just rehashing ‘intro to defi’.

Ok, here’s my idea I think would be cool to build (it’s all open source in crypto so have at it). How about a protocol/smart contract called “PAWN” for non-fungible NFT’s? It would use NFT’s as collateral, locking them up in exchange for DAI or whatever. Any user could then buy them (“back”, but not necessarily) for the lock-up amount plus the cumulative Compound interest rate…plus… On the back-side other users could open a PAWN “shop” by creating their own liquidity pool to buy NFT inventory with, and then set their own convenience/liquidity fee that the NFT buyers would be charged over and above the PAWN protocol’s Compound interest. Sounds easy. But there’s a lot of moving parts to optimize and test in Solidity. For example it would need a ‘market coefficent’ table for all the different NFT-issuing contracts that would adjust available liquidity on a per-contract basis like Nexus does. And there’s no incentive to build it other than I’d like to run an NFT PAWN shop myself, and I’m guessing there’d be others.



Thank you and I’m happy you have learned a lot and want to move forward :slight_smile:
I would recommend diving deeper by just trying out lending and borrowing a bit for your self.

Regarding your question there are a lot of people just like in the traditional markets that are borrowing assets to leverage themself to get more exposure to other assets. That being said I see a future where much more can be done so you can also pool together funds and start lending out non-coleteal loans to SME’s or homeowners as well … this will happen in the future.


Thank you for creating this amazing overview and also thank you for your feedback :slight_smile:

Regarding your Idea I think it has potential.
Would recommend drafting it out and proposing it to

You could also get some funding and also build it yourself … but getting funding for DeFi in this market is much harder then you think.

Maybe working with an actual PAWN (This can give you instant funding) shop and giving DAI instead of FIAT? You then could also make an free market PAWN shop where people can bid on items and then sell them to other markets.


Thanks a lot, Amadeo. Yes, I did that already. I am discovering a new world and once again I am very grateful for your course. Just another question: I put some Dai into “Savings” at Oasis. But I realised that the interest rate is at zero. Is there a reason for that?



I ball-up all my notes. Just my way of putting my own spin on things. My old Fundamentals of Blockchain sphere is so vast that ThortSpace uses it in their release testing.

Further thoughts; NFT’s are going to get plugged in soon. Its just a matter of which Lego they fit with. It seems like all the legacy ERC-20’s need to be re-engineered to fit in with De-Fi. For example a wrapper protocol that mints ENJ from Compound from DIA from ETH so your in-game NFT collectable dohickey is now earning interest as another ‘leveling up’ vector…‘antique’ items would then intrinsically be more valuable. I’d call that ‘NOS’ for ‘ENJ’ and backronym it to “iNtrest Offering System”, or 'Non O-some Symbol".

REAL-T fascinates me as well. But it’s too…limited. It will take centuries to get all real estate into the system.

Imagine a synthetic geo-coordinate token linked to GPS, XYO, or 3-word grid squares, world-wide. Each location token could lock-up ETH/DIA/etc. to post augmented reality content to it’s tile at its real-world coordinates. All subsequent content pays a small posting premium to content lower in the tile’s stack, and to all the content on neighboring tiles. It becomes a network-effect-driven pyramid scheme, with real-world high-traffic locations costing more to post new AR content to. AR users could then select items or sets to experience at each location. Posts are just on-chain links to a centralized server where the real AR content is hosted, ala ENJ, but possibly in IPFS? Content is either free funded as advertising or pay-per-experience to the content creators. LOTS of Lego in that one, cross-chain if we’re talking XYO. But somebody’s got to do it open source and blockchain resolved before some stupid FAANG company absolves the whole earth into their walled AR/XR dystopian surveillance garden Niantic .

I grew up on Legos in the 70’s. It’s why I’m a rocket scientist, and a coder, and an artist. The whole “financial Lego” meme is really starting to turn my gears.

Interest-bearing supply-chain tracking anyone? The value in logistics is when things move. So the system should take out huge flash loans to earn bursts of short-term interest discretely only during transactions where items change hands, not as they sit in a warehouse…

Geez. SO many ideas…


This is a bit of a hard question but for a more stable interest rate you can always use:

hahaha nice :stuck_out_tongue:

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Amazing man.
We need some more DeFi builders :wink:

Check out these links man I think you will love it: looking to build some DeFi Flows :smiley:

And then this … I want to setup a similar template for DeFi building


Here’s my “wheel of industrial blockchain use cases” from Ivan’s original Blockchain Fundamentals course. It’s all pre-De-Fi thinking.

All you need to do is grab a industry, a pain point (there are many per industry), imagine a blockchain solution (there are many per pain point)…then imagine ways to layer it with De-Fi with interest earning and liquidity management.

And there should be 5 or six solutions all built with different De-Fi Lego competing in the market to squeeze out the best.

And then start crossing-combining industries…real estate and marketing for example…

Bam! There’s easily 1000 Blockchain/De-Fi project ideas that can be built on this. This is the Lego base plate for an entire crypto utopian world.


No joke. This link will freeze smaller machines.