Josh & Amadeo Inter

Share your thoughts on what you think the future of DeFi looks like and anything else you’d like to share related to our chat.

Fellas, thanks for the course - I think it was a big improvement from the original defi 101 and 201 courses.

Josh was great and Amadeo seems more comfortable in delivery aswell.
As someone primarily looking to progress as a developer and advanced defi humanoid, I’m keen af for the new Defi 201 course :kissing_smiling_eyes:

I see the medium-term future for Defi becoming very much layer 2 oriented (wow what an original thought :yum:).
And with that, a shift towards centralized protocols.

I think the wave of Chad’s who have no real care for censorship-resistance and trust-less-ness will emerge in a big way in 2022 (or 2023 if we have a 2022 bear market :bear:).

With that, they’ll introduce sexy ideas with sparkly marketing which bring significant adoption to defi and crypto.
But embedded into many of the successful ones will be centralized trade-offs, because the majority of people don’t care for trading convinience/affordability for trustlessness.

It will make crypto-purists and long-termers squirm seeing effectively centralized platforms having overwhelming success in the crypto space (much the same way the wave of BSC shitcoins did this year).

But I think it’ll be necessary, at least until layer 2’s match - or almost match - the affordability/speed of centralized alternatives. What floweth in shall floweth out… or rather around to other ‘true’ defi.

I think there’s a place for meta-transactions. The idea of needing native coins (like ETH) to do anything on a blockchain is such a foreign concept for anyone outside of crypto.
It sucks for onboarding. :nauseated_face:

And so when I’m making protocols over the coming year, meta-transactions will probably be a default for onboarding new users. Sorry not sorry.
It’s a more centralized way to go about it but I think getting people into defi is the priority.

Using meta-transactions which dip into supply from a decentralized pool is the way to go. Something like the Gas Station Network is a reasonable start.

Anyway, Imma stop ranting - good job guys.
I wish you a successful and prosperous new year.
Hope to chat with you sometime soon! :cowboy_hat_face:

p.s. was I the first person to finish this course? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Thanks for this updated course, I agree with Jak that it was a big improvement over the previous Defi 101 and 201 courses.
The testnet environments were very helpful to experiment with so please keep that in mind for future Defi content if possible.
The topics covered in this course made me realize that I knew more than I thought but there were definitely areas that really helped me so looking forward to the new Defi 201 course when it arrives.
I concur with Josh that the barriers to entry still need a lot of work (gas fees/ clunky bridges and on/off ramps) but I am sure over time that these will be solved by smart minds just like dial up internet was.


Love the updated course! I actually would love a weekly podcast with Josh and Amadeo just talking DeFi and their perspective.

I feel a ton more comfortable navigating the crypto space, but the idea of “full-time in crypto” still feels unrealistic for me. I can’t wrap my head around the strategy to make enough money support a family with just crypto.

While I’m excited about the space and projects that will definitely be the future of IT for the forseeable future, I think there will continue to be levels of engagement in the space based off the risk-profile of the individual and the willingness to understand the space.

I’m looking forward to learning more about NFTs as my perception of them is that they are essentially ownership of hyperlink that is connected to something OUTSIDE of the blockchain. I’m curious about projects or initiatives to actually lock the ownership of the NFT to the blockchain as I’ve heard of “rug pulls” on NFT’s where someone will think they bough a BAYC NFT on the cheap, and then the link changes the image to a rug.

I also want to learn more about “Air Drops” and how do you get more visibility on them and what are things you have to do typically to be able to accept an “Air Drop”.

Finally, would like to learn more about 2022 advanced crypto projects. Olympus DAO is super interesting, but is it legit?


I really enjoyed the course and learned a lot. I think taking this course opened my eyes to some of the possibilities in defi. I also learnt that very sophisticated systems can be built using smart contracts. I don’t fully understand yet the way some of the protocols and related DAOs work, but that’s something I look forward to learning more about.

I think defi will continue to achieve things that are simply not possible in cefi. Flashloans are a great example, but I think our imaginations are the limit and there will be more amazing financial applications of this technology.
One thing that comes to mind is using NFTs as collateral in loans or potentially allowing NFTs to be rented.

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I loved the DEFI updated course! I really enjoyed and learned a lot. It opened my eyes to some of the possibilities in Defi. Defi will continue to achieve things that are not possible in Cefi, Flashloans for example.
I think the Future for Defi, will become very much layer 2 oriented and with that, a shift towards centralized protocols.

Thanks a lot to Josh and Amadeo and the hole Team!

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Congrats for being the first one finishing this course !!!

Final Summary

It´s the first DeFi Course I take, but this Course is ASOME!
I want to thank everyone who made this possible by investing their time and passion.
Be taking this courses I think we are a lot more prepared for this crazy space.
I wish I came across this course earlier, instead of learning by myself a lot of stuff (How to bridge assets, how to use Uniswap, how to use metamask, etc).

My global view from DeFI

I see literally that the future is on DeFi, I think we are just grasping the top of this enormous gold mountain. This industry keeps growing massively as days pass throw, I keep up as much as I can. What really blew my mind away, was the Token Economics and the background preceding them. I just thought you simply airdropped the token to the active users and Voila, but it is way more than just that. I really took my time to analyze the Token Economics Framework and really enjoyed !!!

P.D. If someone knows about some jobs in crypto for beginners please share them with me, I will go full-time crypto

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Was a great course. Thanks for creating it. Especially josh and @amadeobrands 45 min discussion was really a big plus. Please keep that up in the future and even increase it. Thank you academy.

The Trilemma explained by Amadeo is very fascinating. The point of where the market will decide will be the most interest for defi developments, I think there is many more people coming into defi and right now is mostly two different main groups.

For one is secure and scalable for the masses for some time still
and scalable, decentralized and secure enough i’d say is for the most people right now coming to defi who want to make a lot of money and then discover all these defi solutions and then bring their own skills to the defi world and benefit manifold. Doing my best to join the people here more and more.

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Hey Josh, Amadeo, and the rest of Moralis Academy! I really took my time on this course, and I’ve gotta say that at the very least, I feel confident enough in my learnings to truly believe that fundamentally, economically, and societally, DeFi is the catalyst that will bring about positive change in our collective lives. As most people can attest to, the current status quo is not too pretty, and there is a huge divide in people’s quality of life, precisely because of barriers, biases, and straight up walls that exist in the traditional financial system. I think that once we are able to solve the scalability issue and make gas prices more accessible (whether through layer 2 rollups, the evolution of layer 1 protocols, or both), then literally anyone with the willingness to educate themselves can in turn make very real, impactful decisions that will positively effect their financial future. Thank you to team members like @Maki, who helped me as I was struggling on earlier courses, and to forum contributors like @jak who go above and beyond with their insights. I’m learning so much from you all, and I’m excited to keep pushing forward <3


The future of DeFi is so massive in my opinion, that its hard to get a total vision on where everything will end up. With the introduction of fractionalizing NFTs, Revenue shares through holding NFTs, and protocols like Alchemix working FOR you, its exciting to say the least. I look forward to the days where we see areas like Africa and all its unbanked people finally being able to thrive off this market and bank themselves.
Im also looking forward to NFTs taking over things such as ownership titles of houses, land, cars etc, and how that will impact the way we perceive, value, and use NFTs.

Thank you both so very much! great interview together at the end also looking forward to 201.

About the future of the space, adoption is becoming and will have to be more broadly inclusive. Many protocols will end up “fueling” legacy constructs. Nonetheless blockchain adoption is on and a future certainty. The tech solutions and therefore the cost of business in DeFi is improving, the industry is young and eventually some people will educate and go thru the steep barrier to entry and others will go with a CeFi dapp.
Two key areas are improved contract security and going beyond the censorship resistance with the onboarding process and then the development of more sophisticated pure defi deboarding processes. It’s all coming fast learn and enjoy.

Hi Josh and amadeo.NFT would be awesome

Hi Josh & Amadeo,

Thank you for this course. It was a great course especially for newcomers to crypto. I mostly did this course for the CV credentials as I knew the contents of the course already. Looking forward to what the next courses will entail.

Kind regards

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Loved the course! And the interview! Can’t agree more with the final statement, haha! If I have to suggest anything (despite being 100% satisfied), would be maybe a slightly deeper look into SOL, AVAX, LUNA, since they’re getting big by TVL, MCap, number of developers or just simply a number of different apps and protocols.

Also, @amadeobrands & @joshcross, are you taking any crypto/DeFi student interns? Some open internships? Doesn’t hurt to try and ask, haha! :slight_smile:

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The future of DEFI looks bright,
as more adoption is made by retail and others entering the market. government clarity on crypto, inflation, 0% bank interest rates Vs crypto interest rates etc, etc,etc… there is so much use case for crypto I think its just a time issue as protocols get easier to use, Binance has high staking rewards in there earn menu with just couple clicks on your mouse, most dex cannot match there rates, as time passes more cex/dex will be able to offer similar rates in order to compete.
more countries are likely to adopt BTC as currency.
I enjoyed the course

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First of all, thanks for this course, I am looking forward to the new DeFi 201 course getting released and will definitely be taking it.

The future of DeFi is an exciting space with lots of growth and opportunity to come. I’m very interested to see where the space takes me and what new things come out of it that were never possible with CeFi!

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Thank you for the course. I really enjoyed receiving all this great information and insights from Josh and Amadeo. I truly believe that DeFi is a tool that supports the upgrade of our society bringing more freedom, alternatives, transparency among many others benefits.

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I think we’ve only barely scratched the surface of what can be done with DeFi. As I’ve commented elsewhere, I believe a mass exodus from CeFi will be hotly contested. I also think more scaling problems will come into play on other block chains (not just Ethereum), so the future is likely to be cussed and messy. Resiliency issues are also going to play a decisive role, as a lot of block chain developers right not work under the assumption that energy and network connectivity will be as abundant in the future as they are right now, and that seems far from certain.

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It’s been a while since this video and I can say that Ethereum being on layer 2 has been successfully carried out on the test net. So we should definitely be looking forward to so many side chains falling off.

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