Javasript questioin

Hi guys,

Ive started the javascript 101 course and im liking it
My question is does anyone know a good source for exercise questions,
simple problems that i can practise on

Ive looked on google but i can only find hard problems that im not able to solve yet

I was looking for some ‘noob’ friendly questions and problems
If anyone has a link to some questions that would be great

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Hey @eleandro, hope you are well.

Little further in the same course, there are some lessons that provide practice exercises.

Also there are tons of assignments on the course that will challenge you to complete them (also you can ask here for help, keep in mind that each lesson will have a forum link where you can post your questions related to each lesson) :nerd_face:

Carlos Z

Hi Carloz

i actually found this on google

and it was actually a bit fun solving the small problems on it

it was very beginner friendly and im moving along with the course

thanks for the help

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thanks for the awesome information.

hello everybody,
I just started with the JavaScript Programming course and I found some problems. I downloaded visual studio code 2 to start with the first programming with the hello moralis. but I can’t get further, the lesson is in windows and I have a MacBook Air and I don’t have the same screen and options see the pictures that I added

can somebody help me started please I am so excited to start coding with moralis so I start working as fast as possible for moralis

why does it all the time say with everything I type it said no such file or directory

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You might have to learn how to use bash instead the windows terminal, here is a quick guide for it:

Carlos Z

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thanks Thecil, I will look into it, thank you for the advice, looking forward to it

thanks my issue has been fixed.

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