JavaScript programming 101 Course, servers?

Hi, ref. image.
I am working with JavaScript programming 101 Course.
Part of the course include building a DEX and seems that I can not find the option to make a new server.
I am using this link:, but it only takes me to this site: and the server option is missing?
Image from traning video (with the server option I am looking for):

I only come to this site, and it do not have the “Server” option?

Feedback from Moralis team:
“Please be advised that we stopped providing managed servers”.

Hey @Powerman1978, hope you are well.

We have made breaking changes on Moralis SDK since this course was released, some of the moralis features showed in that section of the course, sadly has been deprecated.

Now still, you should have learned a lot of JS over the course and I congrats you for that :muscle:

Maybe you might be more interesting on a beginner course that we have using the new features of moralis, and the project is quite nice !

Sorry for the inconveniences.

Carlos Z