Javascript on Atom - My operators do not turn blue

I have tried to resolve this myself but can only find answers to other problems.

My script perfectly matches Ivan’s but will not execute. I need to know why my “=” and “+” operators are not changing to blue, they stay purple. Everything was working at first so it seems like I changed something. I have tried several different blocks of Ivan’s demos on the videos and always the same problem. Would really appreciate the help.
Captura de pantalla 2021-08-13 202734

Thank-you for your response. Good catch! and yes that did help, but it still isn’t responding the same as Ivan’s.
I only asked for help because this has been the case over multiple exercises. I’m a newb and it is possible that I have missed something like that on every one of them. I guess my main question should be, " do the colors of the operators matter? I am assuming that the purple means something is missing for proper execution but mine never change even when it does actually execute.

Hey @JaguarPawe, hope you are well.

It is veeeery common to do a type error mistake like yours (missing a > to close the tag properly), once you have hours programming, the brain stop taking care of little details like that one (trust me, it happens to me and even more professional programmers, something really silly has forgetting to close a function or a tag).

The colors on the code editor (atom in this case), are just to made the code easily readable and understandable, the purple color for example it goes with the var keyword, but it could also be let, it just put it with that color so its easy to understand/read the code line.

Carlos Z

You might want to close the </body>-tag as well.

If you post the code as text here, it’s easier to help.
Also, code highlighting depends on your editor and its configuration.

What does the debugger or console in your browser tell you? Hit F12, i guess :slight_smile: