Ivan on Tech - Important Previous Stream Topics (13.03.2019)

Since Ivan won’t be able to stream tomorrow morning, I am going to make a short video that covers 3 most important livestreams that he has done lately. My choices are based on on a technological point of view and the whole video is made to spark you interest into rewatching some of them. I am thinking of doing this more often when he is unable to do a good morning crypto stream. It would of course be nice if I could get in touch with Ivan, so he can do a premiere on his channel at the same time he would usually have good morning crypto. That way everybody would have something to do watch in the morning while he is gone and enable them to better understand some of the most key streams he had lately. For now I will do it on my channel.

To @ivan :
If you could share this tomorrow morning that would be nice. Maybe we can make this a consistent thing, as I am willing to do it for you. This is just another way to keep your fans excited and full of knowledge that I am sure will help them in the long run.

I think this might be a wrong section for this, so if a mod could move it to a more correct one that would be awesome.:smiley: