Is it possible to live off 25K passively?

Hi guys, I would love to explore the different options out there in the crypto defi space in terms of living off interests. Knowing that your monthly cost of living falls around 2K.

Follow up questions
How would you go about this and why ?
Is your choice of investment slow and steady or high risk ?
How long will you keep your investments into your asset choice ?

Thanks for the feedback.

Hello Victor,
I can give you some pointers: so #1 Question: Your prime reason for investing in crypto: Is it for long-term growth as an investment or as a short-term Trading interest? because this will determine your strategy. Decide which it is because it affects what you will buy into. For beginners it is easier and less risky to bet on the long term growth and grow your assets over 4 to 5 years - therefore BUY into less risky assets like BTC and ETH and ADA which I have done : and expect to see around 50% to 100% annual growth - this will double your money each year but with NO withdrawals.
BUT If you decide that you want to TRADE in crypto then you have a HIGH-RISK situation and you will definitely need experience to do this or else you are likely to LOSE all of your investment.
If you want to create a portfolio that you can withdraw $2,000 p.m. then I suggest that you spend 12 months MINIMUM learning in this space and have a minimum of $50,000 to invest in the first 6 months and make this worth $100,000 by June 2022. Then you can extract $2k p.m. which is $24,000 p.a. and allow your portfolio to grow by at least 30% each year to ensure that you do NOT lose your capital.

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Hey @AlanPaul
Thank you for your feedback. I agree with you in the manner of approach as in first defining what type of an investor you are. But even if one’s capital isn’t up to 100K, my question was more related as in what DeFi projects would be your picks and why. I personally have been in crypto since 2017. Still learning and still investing in the space.