iQCash CONTEST. Solve the puzzle to earn BTC!

iQCash is running a contest to see who can solve the puzzle on the back of the iQCash token.

The challenge is to identify the missing value in the center square.

The first to successfully provide the answer and an explanation why will receive the prize.
The prize:
0.01 BTC if solved in the first week (i.e. Nov. 2nd - Nov. 8th)
0.02 BTC if solved in the second week (i.e. Nov. 9th - Nov. 16th)
0.04 BTC if solved in the third week (i.e. Nov. 17th - Nov. 23rd)
0.08 BTC if solved in the fourth week (i.e. Nov. 24th - Nov. 30th)
If not solved during November, the competition will be cancelled, and there will be no prize awarded.

Since we’re in the second week, the prize is currently 0.02 BTC.

Post your answers here or preferably both here and on the Bitcointalk forum page to make sure everyone knows when you solve it:

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