IOTA vs MIT - A deep dive - Programmer explains

Very short summary of todays video :slight_smile:

  1. MIT claims that IOTA has had vulnerabilities in their hashing function. MIT were successfully able to give IOTAs hashing function different inputs and get the same output. Theoretically this means that the hashing function is broken.
  2. IOTA replies that this was all by design and part of the copy-protection mechanism. Because the Coordinator is in place there is no need to have a collision resistand hashing function.
  3. What do you guys think?

Nice vid! you are way more central now that in the last video with Boxminning (it looked MIT bias)
I’m putting CfB (and his team) on top of the MIT crypto academics, because of the way he express, writes, explain all the points that were “hacked”, and the incredible lack of MIT answer to his arguments and questions… The Neha people look so false and bias, even @aantonop is showing FUD toward IOTA, that is a lame as f*
The IOTA slack is a very good place to ask and learn about crypto too, even the FUD is welcome there :slight_smile:


Hey! :slight_smile: I agree with you and about the fact that MIT should respond. I wish MIT answered the concerns and questions people have. Such as the accusations that MIT is biased and had reasons to be biased. I hope they will answer my live debate request :smiley:


Personally, I tend to lean more towards IOTA’s perspective on this one. Neha’s article never felt 100% credible because of the way it was structured, and the headline. After learning most of the team at MIT involved in this have deep conflicts of interest I’d also like to see their response.