Introduction to the Community

Hello Everyone, I just enrolled in the Academy today and am looking forward to learning more! I am a retired Insurance Agent and began my interest and enthusiasm for Bitcoin July of 2017. I have been doing alot of research on my own and am looking forward to being a part of a Crypto Community. Chat Soon! I still consider myself a Newbie


Welcome! :slight_smile:

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Greetings Academy Community,

I joined the Academy a couple of weeks ago and am now just getting around to this introduction. I got distracted delivering a sailboat from Florida to New York. Now I am back and just completed the Blockchain and Bitcoin 101 course. I am an older guy, 61 years old, and live in Florida, USA. I learned programming in college in 1975, FORTRAN on an IBM 360 mainframe computer (using punch cards; you probably don’t know what those are). I purchase my first BTC in July of 2017. I want to work as a personal crypto tutor to older folks like myself who are pretty intimidated by all of the blockchain stuff. I don’t want to see my generation miss out on the opportunity that this new asset class offers. In 1997 I was living in Japan when the internet started to catch on and I helped a lot of folks doing simple things like signing up for an email account or using a search engine to research college grants. It was so simple but very empowering. I think that having certification will give me credibility in this new endeavor.


Hello everyone, I signed up last night and am very excited to start on this journey. It is a career rebirth for me. Kids in primary school (although homeschooling atm LOL). 25 years ago I studied Computer Science as part of my Economics degree - and did nothing with it much. I’ve worked for 3Com and Cisco as an Exec Assistant and enjoyed being around the technology. The writing is on the wall for blockchain to disrupt all areas of business and I’m not sure yet which area I want to focus on or in what way. But I do want to be a part of it somehow so here I am. A sponge ready to learn and help become a part of history in the making. Can’t wait! (Melbourne, Australia)

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Thats awesome Dano :star:

Hi, Dano!
Interesting to read about the punch cards, because I believe I was working on the Data Entry machines inputting data back in the 1960’s at Travelers Insurance Company and having a very exciting time working, there. That was when computers seemed to be really taking, off.
Your knowledge and interest in helping older folks grasp, more easily, this most interesting field of study! Glad to meet you!

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Hello, to energetic, enthusiastic Ivan and all, others, in the community!
My background is that of an elementary school teacher, music teacher, radio and tv host/producer, Data Entry employee from the 1960’s, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. Yes, I’m in my 80’s and, still, interested in learning about new, exciting topics to see whether this is where our students need to be putting some of their focus. It’s my interest to help young people I know and meet be ahead of the game.
I’m enjoying the brightness of the teachers. It’s a pleasure to be, here!

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Hi PattieE. I only joined a couple days ago so hopefully I can learn something from you guys! The course has been really interesting so far.

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Hi Dani, I’m older also. I have over 10 years experience programming on IBM mainframe computers (ah yes, the 360) in COBOL, JCL, DB2, etc. from over two decades ago. I want to work again as a Blockchain Developer. I live in the San Francisco Bay area and would like to buy a house instead of sharing the rent with others (some psycho). I use to live on a houseboat in the marina. Loved it. Hmm, maybe buying a houseboat makes more sense. I just joined a few days ago. Let’s keep in touch.


My name is Reale aka Madrid and I am new to the world of Crypto. I am fascinated by Blockchain technology and love the opportunity that Bitcoin creates for all people from all walks of life to make money. My goal is to become a Bitcoin expert with a firm understanding of crypto markets. With that said, I want to give a big shout out to Ivan and the entire Ivan on Tech Academy for the great work and optimism. Bitcoin gives me hope because it can be verified.

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Hi Everyone, My name is Christopher. I just joined the community and am really excited to expand my knowledge with this community. Looking forward to learining more about smart contracts and how it can be applied to trustless areas in our society

Hi! I’m looking for partners for blockchain projects! I have worked with literature, art and music, and have written books and screenplays. I recently completed the advanced Solidity course, Blockchain Business Master Class, and other courses with Moralis. I am developing on the Web, in the Sandbox metaverse,, and (which is still being built).