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Hi Chris/ Lizette,

I’m very much enjoying your Technical Analysis 101 course. In the Connecting to a Brokerage section you recommend FXCM, however I am in the US. I’m thinking of signing up for Binance.US. Is there a better brokerage/ trading platform you recommend in the US?
Thank you!

Hi Luche,

Thanks for the feedback, best of luck with your new analytical skills.

As for brokers, I recall Gemini being an option that’s worth looking at, alternatively, hopefully this resource will be useful for you:

It lists and compares six options for brokers in the U.S


Thank you so much, Chris!
Great article! I’m deciding between Gemini and Binance.US I like Gemini’s UI the best, but Binance.US now accepts ACH fiat deposits and seems to have lower fees.

Hey Chris,

Having trouble opening limit orders on trading view…
I’m using a mac, can’t seem to find option for open limit order. I just get the options for risk/reward and visibility etc.
On top of that on the order panel all my tickers say they are a non tradable symbol. Not sure what i’m doing wrong?

Hi Leone, sorry to hear you were struggling finding the limit order options. Normally in the browser version of tradingview, it should be similar on mac and windows. The limit order option is towards the top, next to Market. I hope that helps.

Also regarding the non-tradable symbols, FXCM has its own list of symbols that you can trade. If you have symbols on your watchlist that are not FXCM’s symbols/pairs it will say it’s a non-tradeable symbol.
One option would be to build a new watchlist for FXCM pairs.

FXCM support these pairs

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Ahh i see. That could very well be the problem. I will investigate. Thanks

Hi, I am wondering if there is possibility to connect Tradingview with Bybit. I have recently saw it on YouTube (the moon - How To Trade Bitcoin On Bybit | Complete Tutorial & Review [Step By Step ]) but did not succeeded to find out how i could do it :slight_smile: any help will be appreciated!

Hi guys - I’m located in Switzerland and cannot use FXCM since it’s now allowed from here… tried several other brokers and got stucked with hitbtc. Everything looked fine, but still cannot connect the account with public/private API key. It shows “failed to login”. Any other suggestions or broker you can recommend to open a demo-account in Switzerland?

may someone suggest the best indicator which shows resistance please bullish and bearish indicator

Sometimes your eyes are the best judge for identifying support and resistance. But if need an indicator, then pivot point indicators are a preference of mine.

If you are unable to connect to TradingView in your country but want to use a demo account, then I don’t see any issue spinning up a VPN or VPS and seeing if you can access it that way.

Hi Chris…
Thanks for very informative videos on tools and indicators. But I couldn’t get a catch of Opening short and long positions tools. Can you pls post me the link of website or video, where i can visit and get more acquainted with these tools.

Is anybody else having this issue with the course videos? It’s probably new since the rebranding to Moralis. Or it’s just me.

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Hey @marsrvr, how are you man???

Sorry for the late reply, what issue do you have with the videos? taking too much to load or missing??

Carlos Z

Missing Top Menu, Right Menu, and Candlestick videos. Was missing Left Menu but it has since been restored.

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