Introduction to Project Management

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Hello @ivan ,
Just want to say that I really enjoy the course, every bit + yours and Filip’s videos. On this topic is the first time I felt I miss a little something. Maybe a worthy-mention that being a Project Manager is also being responsible for 1. cost and 2. timeline. Maybe nowadays this is not the Alpha and Omega definition of a PM (blurred roles). A sidenote would go a long way before we come back to budget again later in the course.

Cheerios and topman! I love this course.

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As I understand the spirit of this video, cooperation and open-souce common projects are important even in those companies which we may consider the actual opposite, like Microsoft, Apple and so on. So any project we may for “profit” may actually get benefit from the no-profit work made by the internet community. Bitcoin is probably the best example of such free cooperation giving profit to all.

Thanks for starting this discussion about project management. This lecture was really informative, and I enjoyed learning about the different methodologies and techniques for managing projects. One thing that was missing, however, was a discussion of how to integrate CRM into project management. Do you have any experience with crm and project management software? I think it would be really helpful to discuss how these two systems can work together to improve project efficiency and client relationships. I plan to use such software for my business. Let me know your thoughts!