Introducing Film to Blockchain

Hello everyone,

I’m not a frequent poster on the forum but I have been part of the Academy for several months now. I’m a filmmaker from Atlanta, GA USA and still a bit of a newb when it comes to blockchain. But I’m very excited about this new tech and all the implementations I’m beginning to see pop up across the world.

Like I said, I’m a filmmaker. I’m not a programmer or coder, but I have been taking the Academy so I’m starting to grasp some of this language. I know though that my heart is always going to be in creative. As much as I love the potential this technology has, my mind always reverts back to film.

This brings me to what I want to present to the incredible community. I see blockchain and especially defi (NFTs!!!) being incredible stepping stones for young, independent artists to be able to get their projects off the ground. I know firsthand how hard it is to raise funds as a nobody and trying to get your film seen as a nobody. I work in the industry in production offices and that is still not enough to obtain the connections some filmmakers need (especially the more experimental/fringe/niche artists). However, I see this new NFT market as a perfect use case for these artists to enter crypto and be able to “pitch” their projects by tokenization on a platform like Rarible.

I recently completed a very personal short film. I am very proud of it, but I don’t want to hold onto it and let it die on a shelf. What I am proposing is to use my short as a “test” for a new model of short film distribution via Rarible/OpenSea, etc.

Is anyone in the community familiar with NFT art distribution? I’m more concerned about copyright release. I want to make sure that my artwork is fully decentralized, so that once I tokenize the short film and release to the market, I am truly releasing ownership to the Buyer(s).

Any constructive feedback would be much appreciated as I am in my “Research Phase” and have not taken any action as of now.

Thank you!!


Are still exploring this possibility? Are you using film or digital media for production? Id like hear where you at with this currently, if your interested. Thank you