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My name is Ivan and I work as a software developer and run Ivan on Tech Youtube channel. Techology is my passion in life and blockchain technology is the field I’m most excited about. I love educating and spreading knowledge about cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology.

I live in Stockholm, Sweden :sweden: Except working and creating blockchain content on Youtube I try to work out regularly. When I was younger I trained swimming a lot and now I’m mostly gonig to the gym.

What about you guys? I’m curious to hear your story and interests!


Hello! My name is Kim and I just started learning about blockchain a week ago. Thank you Ivan for organizing this community, I hope to learn from all of you


Hi all, I’m Roadkill and have been following Ivan for quite some time on his YouTube channel.


Hi Kim! Nice having you here! :slight_smile:


What’s up my man! Welcome!!


My name is David and Ivan taught me everything I know at this point. I started investing in various cryptocurrencies with a focus on platform-oriented offerings such as Ethereum, Mysterium, EOS and IOTA etc.

I am in the early stages of defining my own blockchain-based application for healthcare. I am totally excited about the future of blockchain and making a ton of money. So, with this, I begin the process of learning and building something of value for the average “Joe” in need of something new for their health planning and improvement.

All the best, David


Hi all! I’m Aydincan, kinda new to blockchain.

Thank you Ivan for the community, you rock! :metal:


hello. my name is Alan. I just finished a university as a software engineer. I already found a job as a junior android developer, but I also want to run my startup to sell bitcoins in my country and spread the information about it, so people can know about it and buy it


Welcome David! Are you planning to code the entire health app yourself?


Nice to hear you like it! :slight_smile: Good having you here


Which country are you from? What do people think of Bitcoin and crypto there? :slight_smile:


Hi everyone! My name is Jessica and I have been in crypto for about three months now. I love learning about this technology revolution and how I can be a part of it. I recently saw an article asking why aren’t there more girls in crypto and a tweet asking how much people put of their monthly income into crypto. No more new clothes and fast food lunches for me and I’ve got seven of my girlfriends into crypto :blush: Sharing is caring, knowledge is power and crypto is the sword that wields it.


Happy having your here Jessica! you seem like a wise woman :smiley:


Such interesting people here, nice to meet you guys and girls

I’m Vlad, living in Romania and freelancing as Creative Developer. That means I’m designing, coding, and writing content for websites. Since a few months ago, my clients were startup entrepreneurs and small business owners, today I’m slowly shifting towards promising blockchain projects helping their team promote their concept and, why not, sell more tokens.

But here I am to discuss blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and how technology is changing the way we live.

Great initiative, Ivan. I first found you on anchor app (I’m a fan of Satoshi misteries myself.) Thank you for taking the time to make content and engage, and create this.


Hey Vlad! So good having you here, you are very welcome! Have you programmed dapps yourself yet?


No, I didn’t, but I’d like to try that. I’ve tried a Solidity course (haven’t finished, yet… just sits there :smile: for now.) I’m working mainly in Javascript, so… it’s a big leap.

There are any video courses building a full demo dapp you’d recommend? Something more concrete than presenting the syntax (I have the documentation for that)


Ivan, No way! I am working on the 20,000 view designing the working parts and interactions between them. Once I have a proof of concept ready, I’ll be looking for some people to help me get it done.


Hey Ivan & The Crypto Pub Community!

I’m James, 38, An old school Web Developer and Designer from back in the late 90s. As all of you here I’m completely fascinated with Crypto & Blockchain technology. I’m looking forward to participating in some great conversations with you all. My background is programming in Flash from back when it was owned Macromedia and now it’s currently known as “Adobe Animate”. I’m experimenting now with designing mobile apps using Adobe’s AIR Framework. I’m interested in learning how to develop on the Lisk platform because of my JavaScript background. I also actively trade and hodl crypto and I’m always looking for people to network with in finding the latest new projects and coins!

(Ivan, thanks for all of your informative videos! I’ve been watching you for sometime now and I really enjoy your perspective and technical breakdown of crypto from a developers point of view. I especially loved your GitHub and Hacking videos where you “demystified” what actually took place and explained them in layman’s terms. When I found out how amateur the mistakes were I couldn’t stop shaking my head!) :sweat_smile:



Hi Ivan and Ivan fans,

I’m Dave, 39. My interest in programming and tech started with 321 Contact magazine back in the 80s, where I would copy GW BASIC source code and run them on my dad’s IBM PC. I started getting into BBSs back then and lept on to the internet as soon as I had access. I mined bitcoin for about 3 days when it was under $4, but stopped because it kept overheating my laptop. :sob: I am based in Oregon, currently in China, headed to New Zealand and Canada working on blockchain projects. I know this will be a great community because Ivan is legit. I’ve learned so much from him already! :stuck_out_tongue: