Interacting/trading with EVM blockchain explorers

Hey Guys,

I’m learning how to interact with etherscan and the likes. A good strategy to be able to ape before anyone else in a newly listed coin (its an example, dont do this please ) is to go in the dex-router contract and place your trade with the blockchain scan (such as etherscan, fantomscan, etc…).
I’m trying this out with the fantom opera EVM because cheap fees.
I’ve been stuck and googled for hours but cant really find a solution. I hope someone can help me out.
Here is the case:

I want to swap FTM for BOO on spookyswap.
Pre requisits:

  • Fantom scan:
  • SpookySwap router address: 0xF491e7B69E4244ad4002BC14e878a34207E38c29
  • Wrapped Fantom (WFTM) contract address: 0x21be370d5312f44cb42ce377bc9b8a0cef1a4c83
  • BOO toke address: 0x841fad6eae12c286d1fd18d1d525dffa75c7effe
  1. First thing first. I make sure to approve wFTM to be spendable by the spookyswap router. On fantomscan in WFTM-contract I go to write contract and look for the approve function
    There you approve a big amount(unlimited) to be spendable by the spookyswap router:

  2. Now I go to spookyswap router contract, write contract and look for function 10 ‘swapExactETHForTokens’

  3. Here are the parameters i fill in the function:

  4. after clicking ‘write’ the following appears in my metamask and I cant figure out what I did wrong.

Oh and forgot to mention. I do have some WFTM in my wallet.

I would appreciate very much if someone could point out to me what im doing wrong. I’m sure its something very stupid and small :upside_down_face: