Install MetaMask Lesson

Loving the course so far.

I was blown away to learn of the existence of I am super excited to learn more about how it works.

As instructed here is my public address :wink: @amadeobrands



Did it…


Looking forward to Defi 101

Hey – Joined to learn more about DeFi & Solidity

MetaMask public address: 0x1fbdbcbdd69971d7742ba2cd317d6caf830116a4

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Welcome to the community @freedomfflow1!!!

Do you have a development background?

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Yeah - Web development – Into technical trading, but more accumulating than trading atm… Want to learn crypto-tech as I’d like to work for a company in the space.

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Well you’ve definitely come to the right place. There are so many resources here to go through.

I’m in the same position as you. I’m a web dev that wants to work in the blockchain space.

I’m doing a little trading rn but ultimately I want to Buidl!

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Hey there

Glad to be here and learn. DeFi is young so we probably might have a chance to get involve.

MetaMask Add: 0xAfFcbAB3D64699b09f04d0E806CD5a15F66fB8DA

Hello everyone. Leaving my ETH public address: 0x30040F4e206710a7212B467Dd92790bb272b3609

Hi everyone.
Just installed Metamask and made a small transfer. Here’s my address: 0x425BDb91A4394C7c9902d332E4775DB3c49F1811

Hi all,

I can’t believe I managed to install Metamask and transferred some Ether! Here’s my address: 0xf24fE04c325C904741fA53fa22f20c67228439cB

I even played the Dice2Win game! Of course I lost! :smile:

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Congrats and welcome to the Academy! It’s a hell of a time to be getting involved!!

Hey everyone! Here is my public address




Hi everyone,
joining in at 0x878E7b4F0D4a40E633B3e088cB77Cb75C5d17D83

Hi All!

This is my MetaMask address 0x55E70c02916049B17e46a140C4Eb170E6088DAfE

Coinbase is making movement of my crypto very slow atm (keep delaying my payments to my cold wallet) so I’m hoping I can get away without actually using any on the DApps :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah Coinbase fees can really take a bite out of your crypto. There are other exchanges that charge less fees and offer a different variety of coins, but I would suggest doing some research to find the best option for your region of the world.

Any suggestions? I’ve been looking at Binance but every time I look at it it feels more like a trading platform rather than an exchange I can take my crypto out of. Is that right?

I have used Binance personally, and think they are one of the best in the space. It really depends on a few factors like what coins you want to buy, what fees you’re willing to pay, the style of trading/investing you want to do, and your experience level as a trader/investor.

I say trader/investor because traders typically buy and sell on shorter time frames where as investors look more for the long term. I like to have a longer term portfolio with little risk and a shorter term one that I can be more risky with.

I’m not sure what you meant by Binance looking more like a trading platform rather than an exchange. Can you explain what you mean please?

Allways keep in mind the golden rule: “Not your keys, not your coins”, which basically means don’t leave anything on any exchange that you are not comfortable with losing overnight. This needs to be balanced with the factors I mentioned above.

The best in terms of ensuring you always have control of your funds is to use a decentralized exchange like Uniswap or Kyber Network. These options may be a little more intimidating at first but are great in terms of always having control, and are typically cheaper or on par with the fees of centralized exchanges.

I hope that helps.

Feel free to send me a message if you have any more questions.

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now show me dah tokens…lol

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MM reserved for me: 0x4E4D5D47a6eA05bfFf6ECA013f29130aD82FEA6d
and glad to learn here to to send the DAI to the same address… since its an ERC20 token…!

And I’m here too to develop my DEV Crypto trading and mainly programming skills and DeFi 101 gives me now the Ethereum and tools, like Metamask basics to follow the DeFi 201 course! My background is webapp fullstack and embedded (microcontrollers etc). Am excited to this area and to found this academy!

Happy coding!