Ideas for Solidity projects

Does anyone have any ideas for projects? I could use some ideas for Solidity projects to build or projects which I can collaborate to.

I recently found out about Swarm City, they are building a reputation system for ecommerce and were asking for help but it seems they no longer need collaborators which is disappointing because I really liked their project.

Where do you guys come up with ideas?

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I have some ideas, not sure if they are stupid lol:

  • Bitcoin Burner NFT: a smart contract where you can send wrapped BTC to and it mints an NFT that states the amount of bitcoin that you burned. Maybe with different tiers. The bitcoin has to be somehow provably sent to delirium (a random address). Its the equivalent of the “I am rich” app (an app for 5’000 and could do nothing, you just bought it to state that you are rich)
  • unstoppable email: an application where you can send emails that get sent in the future. For example if you want to confess your Love to your crush, or if you want to quit your job. Its a commitment machine, so once you sent it its unstoppable and the timer starts.
  • a site that tracks all altcoin picks by youtubers and analyzes how the coins called performed since the video was uploaded. (This site I already build, you can visit it here:

Let me know what you think of the ideas lol!