Ideas for a side project?

I’m a software engineer and I have clear that I want my next job to be in crypto programming.

So I thought that I could make a “portfolio project” as a presentation for that future job. Something solid and complete. If it’s bitcoin/ln protocol related, better.

But I don’t know what I could do. Any suggestions?


You could do a wallet instead of only a portfolio as a programming project. You would for sure need some in depth knowledge of how bitcoin, eth and other crypto currencies work as your wallet needs to know how to construct them and how much fee needs to be included. If you do plan to go with that I would advise to read a book by Andreas called “Mastering Bitcoin”. The book goes in depth about how bitcoin and transactions work.

Maybe even a better option would be some kind of an application on the ETH network. Maybe even just contributing in some of the ETH DeFi projects would be a great start. I am sure there can be build some programs that just could not exists in a centralized manner. Smart contract programming and defi project are getting more and more attention.

Maybe help with the bitcoin lightning network if bitcoin is more your thing.

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Yep. I have that book and I’ve already read it :slight_smile:. I’m waiting for Mastering Lighting.

A wallet can be a good exercise to do, but I think is more of UI and UX related, and I’m not so much into that.

I’m thinking of a web application that uses crypto, splitting backend(API) and frontend(UI). I’m also interested in scalability and high availability. Not yet decided, but I almost going to do an e-commerce app.

I’ve also found this

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Whatever you do you will be helping out this space tremendously. Glad to see you are looking forward to “Mastering Lighting”. Lighting is all about scalability which suits you well. Great blog btw, maybe you could do some lapps then. Not sure how much time do you have since this will be your side project.

Let’s also keep in mind that ETH 2.0 will scale more than current ETH. So you still have an open opportunity when it comes to smart contract programming. So DeFi is still a very very great opportunity to contribute to.

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A friend of mine who’s making the big bucks suggested I do a project using Embark, IPFS, and a smart contract…
Or zeronet, eth sc, and IPFS.

If you do tag me.

I’m running into dependency coordination problems with Embark.