IDE for Mac. My suggestion

The IDE Ivan use in the video, aint in the moment possible to use on Mac. I have success used Xcode for this course on my Mac, just to a notice for other students with Mac´s


Awesome. Good to know. If by any chance you would want to use IDE you could always set up a virtual machine on your MAC. It will enable you to run a virtual computer running windows. An example of such a software would be “Virtual Box”


This Video - if you need xcode guidance to setup for C++


Same issue here.
I dont like to install a VRM if possible.

Xcode is not a VM. it worked great for me when i was taking the C++ course.

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Hello Jacob, I ended up downloading Xcode.

Although I have some problems when following along with Ivan on C++ Hello World part 2 example, where he changes to “Hello Everyone”

Thanks for this guys, I had problems with CodeBlocks so I will download Xcode.

Hi. I have an issue as my macOS version 10.13 is too old for Xcode, which requires 10.15. As updating macOS requires saving all the data not to loose any info and I have no extra hard drive or large usb, it is an issue for me. Is the only other option is Virtual Box? Or would version from 2013 from CodeBlocks website would work? Thanks for any advice

It could work, please try it and let us know if it works for you or not, but im pretty sure that it should work.

If you have any doubt, please let us know so we can help you! :slight_smile:

Carlos Z.

CodeBlocks didn’t work for me and I downloaded Xcode (had to get an older version because my Mac isn’t 100% up to date) but I couldn’t make any sense of xCode. I got a program called CLION which allows a free 1-month trial and that worked really easily straight away. That will at least get me through the course then I can either figure out xCode or find some other solution if I need C++ later.

Same problem here on Mac.
A while back I downloaded Visual Studio when I did an EOS course on Udemy. I believe I can use this BUT. This is kind of a drag since I am confused to begin with! Not being able to follow along exactly with Ivan is going to be tough.
Anyone else using Visual Studio?

I am completely frustrated trying to figure out Visual Studio.
Time for a break…

Thank you @XyzjynX @Jacob_M I downloaded Xcode (which took a really long time) and that seems to work just like the video that was shared!

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Yea, it works, l had no issues yet, but did just couple of lectures so far. Let’s hope it will work further in the course


First it said I needed to update MacOS for comptability.
After update, it tell me that Codeblocks is not up-to-date enough to run on my MacOS.

I looked into this and found out the reason is that Catalina no longer works with any 32-bit programs and Codeblocks doesn’t have 64-bit as of this writing. It seems that Vidmantas by not updating his MacOS is still able to work with the 32-bit version.

I did the javascript course on my macbook and would have preferred to learn C++ also on my macbook. Fortunately, I have a Windows computer as well.

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You can get old versions of Xcode which will work with your operating system.

I did that and then looked at a quick youtube tutorial about how to do C++ on Xcode simply. It worked fine.


Thank you. I use mac as my main machine so this helps alot.

Can I use Visual Studio Code instead of (Code Blocks?);?

You can use any text editor you choose. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for this, I just started C++ course and ran into the problem running code blocks on my mac, I will try Xcode.