ICO investing for beginners

Looking to buy @safemoon, CLVA (Clever Finance) , SCRT ( Secret Network ): I am going by ICO Hot Listings and am looking at this as a long term investment. I admit I am struggling but am learning from YouTube vids and Facebook and Twitter besides this Academy. Any help? Got to set up accounts and keep getting verified having challenges but rewards will be so sweet! Coinbase, Binance US, Pancakeswap, Bitswap and who knows? Is there a better way? Got to check out Wax exchange Ivan on Tech recommended. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

I am sorry: I am living in USA. Iowa. Quad Cities and most people I am finding have never even heard of Ethereum let alone Bitcoin. I think all this ignorance is terrible and I really admire this Academy for instructing us all about Blockchain. I started out on eToro and made $4,000 0n $875 on ADA or Cardano. This gets my attention as this only took 6 weeks. I got an account on Bittrex then and have a Bitswap account and a Coinbase account. Having trouble getting a good enough photo for Binance US. Learning about scanners and tech.

Take benefits from being an early adopter. The majority will follow, the marcet cap for all coins is growing and the thrustless philosophy is just mindblowing - power to the people
One day they will realize the world has changed for good. :stuck_out_tongue:

Coming back to the safemoon - I’m using Pancakeswap via Trust wallet and Binance to buy BNC.

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Thank you. So far I got ETH on Coinbase and I think Binance US for BNB and then send that to Pancakeswap via Metamask then trade for @safemoon. Yes. I hope this works took 5 days for ETH to clear. Thank you. I will check out Trust Wallet.

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