I want too build a blockchain from the ground up


i dont know how too ask this question properly because this is a very big topic. But essentially i want too learn how too build a blockchain from the ground up. So a business can implement it for there needs. Does Moralis have a course that i can follow? So i can get a general idea? i want too offer this in the longterm. Because my goal is too be a freelancer and i want too create blockchain systems for other companies as a service

i did notice that the enterprise blockchain course talks about how blockchain is used in the real world. does that course cover it?

Sadly we do not have any course to build your own blockchain, it requires different and complex knowledge on programming , if you are interesting in offering blockchain solutions, you might wanna look at Hyperledger.

I had this link from long time which is about all courses related to hyperledger fabric, basically to become an expert on deploying hyperledger solutions.


Hope this helps :nerd_face:

Carlos Z

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@thecil thank you for taking the time too reply too me. I’ll definitely look into this. Do you recommend any courses that could help me as a freelancer that I could offer a company in the meantime?