I learned Front End, now what?

HI so I started with Moralis this year(Jan/2022) doing the block chain modules and half the javascript course. I found it to be not be enough to get a good grasp so I enrolled in a local front end bootcamp(React, Javascript, Bootstrap, Jquery, etc…) and now that I’m almost done with it, my grasp on front end is much stronger than before, where the Moralis Javascript course seems a lot easier now that I know what I’m doing.

What I’d like to know is your thoughts on possible next steps.

  1. Learn backend to have a full stack set of skills. Learning things like
    -Node.js, Express, mongoDB and other backend skills related to MERN stack.

  2. Or go straight into blockchain development using moralis and finish becoming a blockchain developer with their course. Would I still be weak as a developer becuase I have no backend experience?

Appreciate your thoughts.

As someone whos not originally from IT background either, I would say go straight in to solidity/blockchain development, utilizing ready solutions like Moralis for example. This is because, theres a lot of people who have more than 10 years of experience on original backend stack, so your chances against people like that are dim.

I got a lot of freelancing interviews and jobs offered on freelancing platforms, so as a new guy I can confirm you can still get jobs if you just learn smart contract programming well.

Edit: Also to add to this, I want to be honest and say you should pursue a computer programming degree in college/uni if you can. Its not mandatory but makes you look like someone from IT background and increases your chances. (I havent completed it btw)

Hi Gry! Thats so true, I know the odds are definitely stacked against me in backend. I actually work as an mechanical engineer in aerospace, I was hoping just having a technical background like that would be enough to make the leap into tech and web/blockchain dev. But I have no idea if it helps at all.

Thats so awesome you were able to get freelancing work and job offers! Congrats dude :clap: :clap:

Few questions for you.

  1. What curriculum(Moralis courses, udemy, youtube…), did you finish to feel like you had a good handle on smart contracts?
    a. Did you build Dapps as well?
    b. What services did you offer exactly?

  2. When you say job offers on freelancing platforms do you mean you were on a website like fiver and after chatting the person offered you a job to work for their company?
    a. What would you say the pay range looked like?
    b. Do you think you could do freelance fulltime and make a good living?