I am running for President of the United States in 2020

Hi. I’m Bob Clark. I’m “the bubble guy” if you’ve seen my work in the homework forums.

I was born in Seattle, Washington well over 35 years ago (actually 48). I’m therefore fully qualified to run for President in 2020. So I am doing exactly that. Everyone who qualifies should. Who better to represent you–than you?

I’m claiming the “cryptocurrency” platform (no party affiliation considering that technically I’m an anarchist). Ask me any policy question and I’ll give you a cryptocurrency-powered answer–even if I have to make one up on the spot. I’m only ever going to sponsor one bill: to outlaw any taxing authority within the USA from taxing any crypto transaction in any way. Period. Leave everything else alone (to shrivel and die).

Ivan is correct: nations are business platforms. My platform is to leapfrog America to the top of the crypto-friendly nations, and to pull global adoption forward by at least a century within one 4-year term. Within months of passing my one bill everything in America will turn crypto. Sure: do business the old-fashioned way. But why would you if you have to pay old-fashioned taxes? You won’t. Nobody sane would.

But how will the US fund their government? We won’t. Nobody sane would.

But what about entitlements? Social security? Medicare? In general: refund everything to everyone in various government program-issued ERC20 tokens. Then let the market decide how much each is still worth–if anything.

Yes, I’m THAT hard core. It goes on like that. I love to chat about it. Or you can find me campaigning organically on FarseBook and YouTube. I even dabbled at first in TicTok (@orbitmechanic) on Ivan’s recommendation, but that’s for 2024’s campaign and beyond.