Human Computer Interaction & Prototyping

**Which type of developer programs the code that users interact with directly?
Front End

In web-development, what languages does a frontend developer typically use?
HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Which type of developer is responsible for making sure the logic of the application runs smoothly?
Back End

Which type of developer is responsible for handling databases?
Back End

Which languages can you use in order to communicate with a database (give 2 examples)?
MySQL, Oracle.**

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Great video! I’m looking forward to trying or a similar program out for my ideas.


PS I know Ivan likes pictures associated with people, however, i can’t get my photo to show up. I uploaded it into Google Plus but it still doesn’t show up.

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I like these quizzes better than the list of questions comparing Frontend & Backend programmers that have to be copied and answered. i got all of the answers correct! That means you’re an effective teacher/leader.



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Thanks. I’m not sure what’s going on with the picture, can’t you just upload it directly?

Nice Job Filip.

I got 3/3.

HCI is a field of study focusing on the interfaces between human and computers to enable UX via UI.

The Risk of skipping Protyping and testing may result to designing a product or service no one wants to use or have to redesign the product at a later stage due to the need to modify to User Experience will be time consuming and waste of man-hour.

Wireframing is very important because it is a cheap and simple way to start designing and testing a product/service. And it saves a lot of time to re-design and do so much jobs to suit UX.

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Great lesson.

Why should you use simple wireframe tools and why should you use advanced tools?

Question 3. Right answer is “They are a cheap and simple way to start designing and testing a product/service” … To design OK, but how can you “test” anything in wireframes? This “testing” part in prototyping terms is a bit misleading. Or maybe, it’s just me.

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You can test your UI/product design with your target group.

Fair enough. But I would rather go with the wording like “you can discuss” or “you can check are you on the same page”. I am not a native english speaker but Testing imply checking operational state of something that is supposed to have some functionality.
You can check with native speakers, I was just saying what was misleading for me answering that question. Thanks.

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Is it much faster to do a prototype (such as shown in the vid) than actually creating one in a real design environment?

I think so. But you should do both, but they are in different stages of development imo.

Please update the instructor data.

Thank you! It’s done

In 2020 HCI is improving, especially in DeFi space, which is amazing!


Very informative and nice pacing :pray:

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Making this user friendly for the older people and those who are not so computer savvy is going to be one the critical points in forwarding mass adoption to blockchain and crypto markets!!

Well that was a very insightful video Filip! These wire framing tools look like a very effective way to take WEB design and ideas to implementation at a much more time effective and cost route for building WEBSITES!
Thanks again!

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Great video! I have been in project management for many years, not that many agile projects though. This is really helpfull tool, (or similliar).


Great section. I wondered why using wireframe if you can just skip to the prototype design?

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100% learning from the start so I just seeing if I can help just a little bit as a beginner. I build a web page using programmers. Wire frame is more the look you are after. The user experience is the next stage. I built my website straight away and wished I knew this. I spent so much time moving buttons and removing buttons that the function side took longer because it meant changing the programming sometimes and cost money for them to change things. Plus the look is, if not more just as importance to how it will work. That’s my understanding of I how I see it. P.S hope everyone is staying safe.

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