HTML Quiz (help) Either this is a coding error or I'm very confused

“ Which markup is not well formed out of these options?”

A. <p>First <strong>paragraph.</p></strong>

B. First <strong>paragraph.</p> <img src="./leftarrow.png" alt="left arrow" />

A is the correct answer but Bisn’t as well formed right?

I really think the answer should be B but maybe I’m missing something…

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B is the correct answer, since its the markup which is not well written, the syntax is not correct, it does not start the paragraph <p> and the </strong> tag is also missing.

Carlos Z


Okay I thought so, thanks man!

Strictly speaking, here both are wrong.

A is wrong, because <strong> is not closed within <p>..</p>.

B is wrong, because 
(1) strong is not closed at all, 
(2) p is not opened at all, so </p> does not belong to anything.

I’m so glad you asked, I’ve been staring at the quiz answer for ages thinking I was losing the plot!!

Looks like an error for sure, but at least I’m not alone in thinking this!