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Hi, I have downloaded the Zap Lightning Wallet on Windows 10. During the set up wallet phase there is no option to choose to get onto the test net? Any advice or links as to how to get on to the test net would be appreciated. thanks in advance, Dave

Hi, In the course we only use the Zap wallet on the mainnet.

I think the way to go is to setup a testnode first and then connect that testnode to the zap wallet.
You can setup a LN node to use the test network. lots of guides online.

I used this guide to setup a LN node on my raspberry pi.

You can also look at the documentation for the Zap wallet…

Hope this helps you. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the reply. Its just in the Academy video the option to use the testnet with Zap shows up. I guess since then the wallet has been further updated as this function seems no longer available. I have been trying to get on the LN testnet but cant seem to find any useful links for Windows. Ivan did post a video on this but the medium article this was based on was updated. Any links appreciated. Dave

For custodial wallets, I would strongly recommend Get Alby or Wallet of Satoshi.
You can zap me at [email protected] (yes, that is a custodial lightening network wallet-address)

Also, since it is new. I highly recommend to check Nostr. If you go there, just send me a post or a zap at