How to setup gas fees for lower price?

Hello, what gas limit and gas price is the least for transaction to work when exchanging eth to other alt coins ?

Hello, you can use this website to inform your decision. It’ll tell you what the gas fees for the day are and you can decide on how much Gwei you want to use:
ETH Gas Station | Consumer oriented metrics for the Ethereum gas market

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So in Metamask you can select the gas price when purchasing… and decide if you want to lower or increase it…

Old way was like:
On my phone I had a small ‘button’ next to the transaction fee and I could adjust there also.

To lower fees:
- Centralized Exchanges are normally a % of the cost of the transaction
- Metamask/Ethereum - is a fee and gas prices on the network - so they go up when it is busy…
(hint: when the price goes up… gas prices will also).
- You can buy ‘gas coins’ in the low market to use… like 1Inch’s chi token.
* there are also some that are suppose to pay back. (I have not used these)
- Layer-2 - Matic and LoopRing
- 1INCH - a aggregator - and the chi token for gas
- and the ‘bitt’ token - BitSwap DEX is an aggregator that searches 14 sources including Uniswap, Kyber, mStable, Curve, 0x, Balancer and more, to give you the best price and lowest slippage possible.

I have not gone through to see how much they save… I just went through to see they worked and at least claim they saved X amount.

It would be good to have a clear plan before July/August. Also the Central Exchanges have issues with stability when it is busy.